Mammoth Events and Their Capable Venues

For an event to be a success, there needs to be a suitable venue where it can comfortably take place. For a venue to be termed as a good one for the event, various factors should be considered. These are factors such as the location, capacity, accessibility, condition of playing surfaces and many more. Different events require different venues according to their nature.

Augusta Golf Club: The Masters Tournament

This is a famous golf tournament. The latest Masters Tournament was the 83rd edition. It took place in Augusta, Georgia in the United States. It was at the Augusta National Golf Club. This venue is a famous golf club worldwide Founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. It is renowned for the excellent features that enable it to host the sport. It has some grasses called Bentgrass and Ryegrass on the playing surface that are an excellent feature for golf. In total it has18 holes and an elevation of 160-310 feet which are all aimed to accommodate a successful golf tournament. Golf tournaments attract betting companies which use features like the Unibet Bonus Bet to attract customers.

Deerhurst Resort: The G8 Summit

This is an annual meeting attended by the heads of state of G8 countries, the European Union president and some other invited guests. It is an executive event and therefore needs a suitable venue. The host nation is given the task of deciding the location of the meeting. For example, the 36th edition of the G8 summit was held in Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Canada. It took place in 2010.

The resort was opened in 1896. It has 425 rooms, four restaurants, and one bar. The many rooms can accommodate about 1000 people, a feature that enabled it to host the summit which has many well-known guests.

Corporate Events

Corporate events include seminars, product launch events, tradeshows, etc. Some corporate events take a single day while others stretch over several days. There are large turnouts for these events and they, therefore, require spacious rooms. The location of a venue is considered depending on the target audience. There should be enough hotel and accommodation services in the venues to cater to the guests. Recreational facilities are also an added advantage for event hosting establishments.