Functions Which Have Food at Their Core

Many venue functions use food as a key marketing point. Food has been enjoyed to celebrate great milestones over time, from sporting events to political wins. From music concerts to historical occasions. Food in itself has also been celebrated through special events in various countries across the globe.

Irish Potato War

In History, food was interestingly used to wage war or distract rivals. For instance, the commonly referred to as the Irish Potato War between Canada and the USA, the Irish potato was used in World War 11. Fearing the Japanese attack, O’Bannon’s team threw potatoes across the Pacific Ocean to distract them. The patrol was then able to sail through the ocean, opening fire to further attack the Japanese and sink their submarine.

Spain’s Tomato Fight

In Spain, Spaniards gear up to put up a good fight, just not in war but love. Renowned as the World’s Biggest Food Fight, tonnes of overripe tomatoes are poured into the battlefield and fans left to engage in the tomato wars. Sounds pretty fun and tasty, doesn’t it?. The great fight takes place the last Wednesday of every August.


Beer has been brewed in homes worldwide long before it became a commercial product consumed in bars and other eateries. The world’s largest beer festival, the Oktoberfest which actually occurs in October annually marks the oldest beer festivals with its inception in 1810. The event occurs in Munich, Germany. This festival marks the celebration of Bavarian folk traditions. It attracts over a million local and foreign tourists to celebrate in food, dance and lots of beer.

World Food Day

Over 150 countries mark World Food Day annually on the 16th of October. This day is marked to celebrate the founding of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) under The United Nations (UN) established in 1945. The organization’s core purpose is to ensure that no one dies from hunger worldwide by ensuring food security, among other agricultural initiatives. Foodies mark this day with consuming their favourite gourmet food, celebrating farmers and appreciating chefs in their best local food joints.

Pizza Fest

Pizza is also celebrated in a big way in Italy. The annual Pizza Fest that happens every September. During the week which the Pizza Fest occurs, foodies are treated to all types of Pizza and even taught how to make their own in pizza making workshops. Top Chefs also contest in the World Pizza Making Championship. Pizza Fest takes place in Naples, Italy.

New York Food and Wine Festival

New York Food and Wine Festival is one event that foodies globally look forward to annually. The event hosts over 55,000 guests and boasts of over 100 events, including top chefs in the Food Network Channel. The event treats its guests to over 500 most famous chefs as well as culinary art masters.

Bourdeaux Festival

In France, wine lovers enjoy the best wines in June at the Boudreaux festival. They are treated to fine wine tastings, food, and culture. It is a four-day event that hosts up to 300,000 wine lovers at the river banks of Garonne and the Esplanade des Quinconces in France.