Popular Food and Wine at Events

Apart from entertainment, the food and wine served at an event make it especially memorable for guests. Whether it is a family reunion, corporate dinner, trade show or wedding, an occasion with excellent cuisine and even greater wine is one worth attending again. Several foods and wine are especially popular across different events.

Beer and Wine

At events, men drink beer more, while women consume wine. Most women have a preference for delicate white wines over red. Californian Chardonnay has remained one of the most typical wines over the years. Bordeaux and champagne are also famous drinks at events worldwide.


Cheese paired with good wine is considered to be a favourite for guests in many parts of the world. These include mozzarella, parmesan, Swiss, Gouda, and cheddar cheese. One of the most common cheeses used worldwide is the Italian mozzarella and Gouda from the Netherlands. These cheeses are often paired with white and red wine and used in the preparation of food.


Chocolate is also a widely available treat for guests in any event. Like cheese, it is also paired with specific wines in events. One of the tastiest bars is the Toblerone from Switzerland. The chocolate bar is infused with almonds, honey, nougat, and cocoa. Guylian Chocolates, which vary from nut-based, white, and sweet chocolate varieties, are also consumed worldwide. Guylian comes from Belgium, which is known for producing the best chocolates globally. Originally from Zurich, Lindt & Sprungli is also considered the best white chocolate all over the world.


Pizza, initially homemade in Italy and further developed in American kitchens, has also spread across the globe. The most common classic pizzas include marinara, Margherita and Napoletana. Other pizzas consumed are Hawaiian, vegan, barbeque, and chicken, among different varieties. Apart from the original countries which perfected the art of making pizza, some of the best pizzas can be consumed in eateries in Italy, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Malaysia.

Popular cuisine in terms of dishes varies with locations and availability. Seafood, including lobsters, fish, crabs, and mussels, is popular in coastal areas. Pastries such as doughnuts, cakes, croissants, bagels, and other sweet and sour treats are offered at plenty of food events. Snacks such as burgers, tacos, and soft drinks are also served.

Depending on the hosts’ preference, and at times, the guest’s tastes and cultures, food and wines served at events vary from as little as three courses to as many as even ten.