Popular Venues for Sporting Events

Each sports venue, no matter where in the world, has something which makes it stand out among all other similar sites. Some sporting venues have mind-blowing architectural designs and a great crowd atmosphere, while others have a rich history and are the home of legends. Here are some of the most intriguing venues around the globe for different kinds of sports.

Wembley Stadium, England

This stadium was opened in 2007 after the original one had been demolished in 2002. It is the home ground for the England football team. The stadium is also used to host the FA cup final. It has a capacity of about 86000 people. The stadium also stands out with its exceptional architectural design. It has a steel arch which supports more than 75% of the stadium’s roof. The stadium also contains the statue of England’s 1966 world cup winner and captain, Bobby Moore at the entrance.

Monaco Circuit in Monte Carlo

The region of Monte Carlo comes alive every year when Formula 1 pays the area a visit. It is located on an escarpment along the French Riviera. Monaco is also known for gambling due to the location of the Place du Casino in the city-state. This gambling culture attracts huge sponsors from the casino industry, such as Unibet and Betway. In return, spectators can understand Unibet Racing Rules due to the sport’s popularity. The roads in the area are also known to have tight corners, which makes it a challenge for even the best Formula 1 drivers.

The Bird’s Nest, China

This venue is also known as the Beijing National Stadium. It was a great icon in the 2008 Olympic games. The stadium has a unique peripheral design of joined and crossed construction parts to make it unique. The stadium also has an attractive architectural design.