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Life is one long process with numerous events occurring within it. Every day, an event is happening somewhere in the world. It could be a small event involving a few people or a grand occasion which shakes an entire city or region. It could be in any discipline; politics, sports, business or art, you name it.

For events, especially the huge ones, to be successful, they require a befitting venue. A location which will accommodate all the people attending, offer them comfort and ensure every last one of them gets value for what they came for. And that is what this site is all about; discussing various aspects of event venues in different sections.

Great Event Venues

This section looks at various huge events which have happened across the world and where they were held. It looks in depth at why these venues are befitting to hold the functions that take place there. Think of grand events such as the G8 Summit, The Masters’ Tournament and huge corporate events.

Venues for Sporting Events

Sport is a hugely popular industry; a majority of the world’s people enjoy at least one kind of game. It is, therefore, befitting that sports have a dedicated section. This section discusses venues which have held some of the most critical sporting meetings such as Formula One racing, the Olympics and huge boxing bouts.

As a bonus, it narrows down on the great venue, which is Wembley Stadium and the iconic events that have been held there.

Sports Venues

So, for all the popularity of sports, which are some of the most notable events which took place there? All the answers in this section.

Food and Wine

The menu of a venue is always a massive selling point of a site, whether it is trying to attract a corporate event, sports, politics or an exhibition. This section looks at various aspects of two dining items; food and wine. Understand why these are so important at events, and examples of the two which can make a venue memorable.


The world over has events and venues explicitly meant for food and drink. Discover several such functions which you could actually visit.